Just because it's repellent in real life doesn't mean it isn't a dang fine song.

I've been listening to "Ganpat" from Shootout at Lokhandwala pretty much nonstop for a week. From what I read in the reviews of the soundtrack, the lyrics are borderline vulgar, but I don't care. I love the lazing saunter of the instrumentation, the rattling percussion, and the devil-may-care, swaggering vocals. I haven't seen the movie, so I don't know how the song fits in, but it sounds like a bunch of drunk guys sitting around hooting and bragging.

For the folks who have seen it, does baby-face Oberoi pull off a thug? His white-man's overbite in the video is none too impressive.


ggop said…
This song got stuck in my head when I saw the trailer!
Miss Bolly said…
I love the John Travolta-esque moves. Excellent.
An Indian said…
It goes like this..

E Ganpat chal daroo la
E Ganpat get some booze

Aaj jyaada soda kam thoda paani mila
Add more soda and less water today

Thoda table vable saaf kar de naa yar
Please clean the table yaar.

It is not vulgur if you ask me.. but the point is this movie was a hardcore action film and had no scope of dance and songs while had around 4-5 of them and that too whenever story gets some speed!

On the other hand 'Cheeni Kum' was superb! You'll love it!

Here I'd like to suggest you some films if you'd want... like Iqbal, Company, Johny Mera Naam, Jwel Thief, Aawara... and tell me have you seen Sholay?
ggop - totally!

sophie - totally!

dushyant - thank you for translations! I thought I read somewhere that some of the lyrics are threats to rape someone's sisters and mother? No? I have never read any translations of the lyrics beyond the first few lines, so I really have no idea. Some of the reviews I saw said something about being vulgar, but I certainly don't know for myself. As for your suggestions, I love to get them, so keep 'em coming. I saw part of Iqbal on the plane to India last year but haven't gotten around to renting it, although I don't know why, because the parts I saw were superb. I haven't seen Company, Johny Mera Naam, or Aawara (and would like to), but Jewel Thief and Sholay, yes! Sholay is due for a re-watch, too. I'm sure I'd understand it (and its importance) better now that I've seen more movies. (And if you're ever curious if I've seen X Y Z, you can check my index, though it's probably out of date, so I'll hop to it!)
akshayefan said…
i liked the tune too but sanjay gupta's movies have always had great music. hamesha, kaante, musafir, zinda, you name it.
Chip said…
Oh god, me too. I've heard this song something like 32 times in less than a week. You are spot on about the picturisation (sp?).

Vivek Oberoi is actually quite excellent, in my opinion, and plays the part with a good deal of charisma/authority. I always think of his Saathiya/Kyon? Ho Gaya Na-roles as well, but of course his breakthrough role was that of a gangster, so I suppose I shouldn't be so surprised after all.

Nice blog, btw!
ggop said…
I believe Beth is refering to these lines below :

Bhai hoon mein, bhai, tu fikar na kar,

=> I'm a bhai, don't you worry

uski maa ki, uski bhen ki, jo dekhe idhar

=> (Common abuse here) mofo/sisterf*** or is it a threat to rape(?) who (dares) to look here

apun ko bata de kabhi howe fantar,

=> Let me know whenever there is trouble(guess here we need an urbandictionary.com for hindi :)

sabki fattti apne naamse apun jaye jidhar

=> again slang "sabki fatti" i'm guessing is "all are intimidated" by our name wherever we go

Hope this helps. I got the whole lyrics in

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