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Why didn't anyone tell me that Emma Bunton - that's Baby Spice to you* - was in a Bollywood movie?!? Pyaar Mein Twist, with Dimple Kapadia, Rishi Kapoor, Farida Jalal, and Soha Ali Khan. So, did anyone see it, is it any good, and what/how does my girl Emma do in it?

* I don't think my love of the Spice Girls is news to anyone. What may be news, though, is that one of the people I often link to here likes her too, and, in case that person doesn't know, she has a new(-ish) album out, which so far doesn't sound as good as the really cool previous one.


AD said…
Emma's first solo album was awesome. Her second was too American R&B for me - I can get that in a million other places right her.

Her third was a return to Britpop and passable but by that time Mel C was delivering her rather scrumptious album and my attention was diverted.

Doesn't my encyclopaedic knowledge of the Spice Girls impress you?! However even I didn't know about the Bollyappearance. I have to see it!

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