pre-proper-response thoughts on Salaam-e-Ishq

1. I love that Priyanka and Anil are having their late-night coincidental confab at a Cafe Rouge. Now another of my great pop cultural loves, Bridget Jones's Diary, has an overlap with Bollywood. By the way, I think a Bollywood version of Bridget Jones's Diary would be superwow, but I would have to be involved so that it is cast properly (which means Rani, not Priyanka, is Bridget, and Shahrukh is Daniel and Saif, I think, will do very nicely as Mark Darcy).

2. I want to throttle Priyanka's character. Just get married and do the movie. I know it's not the usual model for Bollywood actresses, but just try it, you idiot. And you are so not Lauren Bacall. Put your lips together and stop talking.

3. But first I have to throttle Anil's character, who is the most pathetic excuse of a grown-up I've seen in a long time.

4. Still love the soundtrack, though, maybe even more, now that I've heard it in context.

5. It's very pretty. It looks great. Classy, full of details, rich (as in "full," not as in "expensive," although surely that too), and effective in creating moods and really setting the characters. So bravo to all of the people who were involved in making this movie look so good.


Aparna said…
I have to agree with all your points. On my list to throttle however, I'll add Salman 'Raul' Khan too....
And I know it is not quite right to say this, because I might get accused of being pretty shallow, but:
1. I got bored with the John/Vidya track, probably because the movie was so long, I wanted them to move the story forward, along with the Slaman/Priyanka track.

2. I somehow liked the Sohail/Isha track, maybe because they were there for less time, and I could laugh at them!
ggop said…
Check out Life in a metro if you liked this look at relationships.
I found it more engaging than Salaam E Ishq. You have to tolerate the weird band which pops out again and again to sing songs in the rain.
Maja said…
I'd love to see Rani as Bridget! SRK as Daniel would be good, I think, as long as he doesn't go totally over the top like he did in KANK most of the time. And I'd be very happy to see Saif as Mark Darcy, although (come on, you know I have to) Abhishek would be great too - he does the broodingly handsome thing so well ;)

SEI - Gah, I was so annoyed by Priyanka and Salman's characters for most of the film. And I don't think I was able to focus properly on the John-Vidya story because John is just too. damn. hot. :p

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