OMG indeed!

Paint It Pink has trumped her own superwowness. From the creator of such pieces as the Guide to Shashi and the Men in Pink video I am honored to show you the very finest thing I have ever gotten in the mail, maybe even more exciting than last week's preview copy of a new SRK biography by Anupama Chopra and an earlier present from the Jaman crew chief of Looking for the Big B. Looky!
I am so delighted I don't know what to say other than thank you Kaddele! (And I bet she didn't even know my birthday is just a few days away, in the season of Bollywood blogger birthdays, including Filmi Geek, Maja, Babasko, and Armando, whom I will fĂȘte in due course.)


umananda said…
Happy Birthday Beth! Sadly its impossible to top this buttons. But maybe i have at least something to recommend:
Did you already read the book "Looking for Big B" from Jessica Hines?

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