Naqaab sneak peek? Bleak.

A Naqaab trailer and song premiere is up on IndiaFM and I am underwhelmed. Music that I'm sure is supposed to sound haunting (and part of which I swear is also used in the early scenes of Main Hoon Na, I think when Naseeruddin is shot and Shahrukh responds in slow mo, or maybe during his funeral) plays while we see the reflection of a woman in a white wedding dress (Urvashi Sharma, I believe) in a puddle in front of a dilapidated building. Bobby Deol - sporting his much-mocked long, bedraggled hair* - says "I do," Akshaye says he does too, and then the bride says she doesn't. And the voiceover says "There is a lie behind every truth; there is a face behind every face."

What? That's not suspenseful or puzzling or intriguing, as you'd want a thriller to be; that's just stupid. Everyone wears a mask and no one is who s/he seems, or every person is related to or entangled with others. Either way, we've heard it before, and my reaction is "So what?" I don't know, it just doesn't seem very interesting despite every attempt to make it look so - furtive glances, a couple in bed, alcohol, a wedding, and hieroglyphics (you know that's going to be a mess) - maybe because we've already seen Akshaye and Bobby together in a "who is this person really" thriller by the same directors?

But I will say something nice: I like the title ("Veil"); it implies a bit of concealment and/or secrecy, both appropriate in a thriller, and if we're lucky it might even refer to the repeated image of the bride. Just last week I discovered that IndiaFM puts the literal English translation of Hindi titles on the "cast and crew" section of their entry for films, and I could not be more grateful.

* Akshaye's 'do isn't much better. Look in the stills. Also, I don't know if it's his hair or the clothes or some sort of by-product of the aging process, but he seems to be losing his neck. It's really odd.


ranii87 said…
Just want to say Hi, its my first post here. Beth you have a really interesting blog here.

Adding on my comments:

Somehow I'm not intrigued by this movie, and I would like to be considering that it has two good actors like Akshaye and Bobby and the fact that they were in Humraaz, but it has this kind of deja-vu feeling to it. This movie in a way looks like something you would have seen in 2002 time, and heck its 2007 now. The slogan line is also stupid- The Most Shocking Thriller of the Year- LOL. Its just not doing it for me :( But then again, the makers apparently had only 4 months to shoot for this because they were planning to start a multistarrer called Race- with Saif, Akshaye Khanna, Bipasha, Katrina, Anil and Sameera Reddy. From what I heard, the movie start in Sept 2006 and ended in Dec. 2006.

Also Akshaye, well he looks chubby here in this movie, and the clothes- the less said the better. But I think its a bit of sign of relief to know, that he lost all that weight later on, for that multistarrer Race like I mentioned above. This is a recent picture, and the clothes- what an improvement.
akshayefan said…
Naqaab was shot in haste but it still looks good. There is a Humraaz hangover but I think it's working for the movie because Humraaz was a hit. Yeah, Akshaye looks a bit chubby here but he said he'd knock it off for Race and knock he did.

Beth, you have a great blog.
Ashok Ganguly said…
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Ashok Ganguly said…
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