Love 86: a preview

This movie is very early in the careers of both Johny Lever and Govinda (the third for each, according to imdb). And that, my friends, might be all you need to know.

Woah. More to come.


Anonymous said…
Wow! Michael Jackson meets West Side Story meets Hindi kitsch!

The beginning looks like the guy is being fast-forwarded, or having seizures. Either way, it's hi-larious and brightened my day!
babasko said…
ek: the West-Side-Story Cool Song part comes, well lets say, a thad surprising..

do: my-oh-my, now that govinda boy looked veeery cute back then.
Anonymous said…
OH MY GOSH! I remember this movie! Govinda and that guy....Rohan Kapoor was it? And Farah and Neelam in short skirts! AAAH! Pure kitsch!

Apologies Beth, wordpress moved one of your comments to spam on my blog so didn't see it before...have de-spammed and posted. Thanks for commenting!
Unknown said…
This music reminds me of The Pink Panther - which makes this all the more watchable.

But its precious how Govinda starts dancing and attracts every man in that place. They all seem magnetized by his machismo of course, that he can do all this uh, cool stuff. And they are almost happy to get the crap kicked out of them.

Someone in Bollywood is smarter than we think.

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