I'm just a girl who cain't say no.

When a mysterious man named Armando asks you to review Love in Tokyo, you go along for the ride.

And when the crew of Desicritics asks you to write about movies there, well, it's such an honor to be asked that you decide you'll give it your best, even though you aren't desi and don't really know if you count as a critic.

And PS, the journalist who was at the Vienna blogger meetup has published her article about it (thanks to Filmi Geek and Babasko for sending me the link). I don't remember saying that about KJo, but I'm sure I did - it sounds like the kind of goofy thing I would say.


ggop said…
Hurray - we get to see your posts on Desicritics. I love the perspective you bring to the table.

Hope you watched The Namesake. It was enjoyable and better than expected.
Ashley said…
Please don't forget the small time bloggers like me as you rise to the top! :) (... meaning, get me into the hot Bollywood parties... we'd have so much fun!).
ggop - Thanks so much! I'm really looking forward to getting involved over there (now if only I could come across a movie that was truly inspiring for my debut - clearly Kudrat wasn't going to be it).

Ashley - never! After all, you're my date to the A&A wedding in a few weeks, right? A girl does not forget her crew.
Kanchb said…
Hi, I've been a reader of your blog for a while and a la Armando, would love for you to review Namaste London!!
Anonymous said…

Love in Tokyo is one of the most successful bollywood movies of the 60s.

I think it was the second movie after Sangam to be shot overseas.

I like the music ie songs. Asha Parekh and Joy Mukherjee are not my favourite 60s actors though I tolerated them in this movie.
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth

Have you seen The Namesake?

It is an awesome movie. I really liked it.

Anonymous said…
have you published anything there yet?
Anonymous said…
Beth - just wanted to say welcome to DC and that desis work by adoption too!

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