and now for the important event of the week

You know what? I like them both and wish them all the best. I like how happy she seems here, just grinning widely, not caring if she doesn't look her movie-star best. Good for them!

Update to post (April 22, 2007): apparently the photo was faked, so I've removed it. Sorry about that. Anyway, best wishes to the bride and groom! And after a week of no real movie content, I hope to have a review up soon of another great 70s Shashi masala film. Stay tuned.


AD said…
I must say Abhishek's sublimal pointing of the toe at something or someone is most intriguing!
Anonymous said…
I can't see any pic. ):
Anonymous said…
Hey Beth, the pic you have up is morphed. Some wise guy thought it would be funny. :) They've sold the photo rights to a foreign publication and haven't released any pics to the local media. hmph!
Sheetal said…
There was a pic in the paper here in South Africa today of the couple in a car. Aish was wearing a gold outfit..?

So this pic isn't real? :( Why would people do that?

BTW - hi Beth :> How are you? xx
Anonymous said…
Wait, what picture? I didn't get to see it!

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