it's in the bag

Or rather it is a bag, because I just got back from Ganesha, where I scored the aforementioned SRK-printed handbag. It is everything I hoped it would be - though puzzling to non-Bollywood fans, as Melina will attest. The shop owner and I had a grand time chatting about movies and celebrities - about which we seem to have the same taste from everything from Salman (no) to Baghban (ugh) to Disco Dancer's "Bang Bang" song (yes definitely) to Saif's health problems (tragic; she intimated that he's on steroids - now Saif, don't make me send Dr. Abby after you). Anyway, she was fantastic, and so is her shop, and I only regret that I zoomed off to the British Museum before remembering to take pictures of the outside of the store with its SRK mural.

Anyhoo. London is too full of other attractions for me to squeeze in any more Bollywood, but I'll survive. And go on to Vienna, which will be so full-on Bollywood there will hardly be time to sleep. Ta luvies - and see you soon, you central European meeters-uppers.


Sharon said…
"luvvies" - she's got the argot down too! :D have you picked up an accent yet?
Ashley said…
I can't wait to hear about the meeting!

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