ein bißchen zusammen

I am in the very. same. room. as Maria, MissionBas, and liebling Michael, otherwise known as Bollwoodblog.de (who has already posted pictures) - and Babasko too, of course, though that is old news by this point and I'm beginning to take it for granted.

It is superwow already.

Update to post (later that night): here we are! Thanks to Michael for the picture. Und ja, I am making a weird scrunchy face - a classic example of why, when the camera is on the timer, you do not move one teeny bit until you hear the click.

Kaddele, Maria, Michael, Beth, Barbara


Anonymous said…
This is so not fair. >:( I hope we can have one in the US in the not too distant future. Glad you are all having a good time!
I could not agree more. Earlier today when I was writing this post, I started to write something about how North America needs to get in the game, and I even considered appealing to one's jingoism, something along the lines of "we saved their arses in WWII and now look at them outdoing us," but that made me feel icky, so I didn't, even though it was entirely in jest. And then I wondered if there are any Mexican or Canadian Bollybloggers (I know of at least two fabulouc Canadian readers, but to my knowledge neither of them writes about movies anywhere). Anyway, once the meetup is over and I get home, I wll definitely do my best to appeal to NA to get ourselves together for a get-together.

So far the meetup is going great gangbusters and is very fun, and I imagine it would be even better if I could understand what the heck is going on most of the time.
Alan said…
Who's who in the pictures?
Daddy's Girl said…
I'm kinda jealous. You guys are having so much fun!

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