happy birthday Rani Mukerji

Whom I love even more than Shashi - even more than Akshaye, actually, on a purely performance-related scale. Even if her only good performance was Babli, I would love her forever. Fortunately there's Yuva and Black and Paheli and Hum Tum and Mujhse Dosti Karoge! and.... She's crazy talented and she makes me laugh. Right on, Rani!

(There seems to be a slew of late March birthdays. I'm not sure I can keep up [I only knew of this one via Michael] but there's one more I will be sure to mark....)


Anonymous said…
This is FYEO Beth( For Your Eyes Only Beth)

Hee hee, I already saw it! (But I love the tips, though, so keep 'em coming!) I have a Google news alert set for "Akshaye Khanna" so my inbox went ding a few hours ago. I really wish he'd grow out his hair.
Maja said…
I was just reading Sheetal's blog and realised I missed Rani's birthday, but oh well, happy birthday anyways! She's amaaaazingful.
hey beth, how old is the queen?
Tara said…
her talents she has revealed in every performance of hers.. yuva and black.. she was awesome.. just hoping to see ta ra rum pum soon.. bw/ catch up with her songs at www.hummaa.com - its legal

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