All this and she approves of my FPMBF? What a pal!

You know how when you like a thing, and get all excited about the thing, and you try to get your friends all excited too, and they're all "No thanks, but I'm happy for you" so you finally give up and just enjoy your new thing all on your own? And then two years later the most unyielding of them goes with you to an Indian restaurant in London and the restaurant is playing a song DVD of hits from 2005 or something? And then the really friendly staff chats with you about how it's kind of amazing that you know all these songs and that you like them, and then they actually give you the DVD right out of the player and let you take it home with you? And then a few weeks later your unyielding friend says "Hey have you watched that DVD that the staff of Light of India gave you yet?" and you say "Oh, I totally forgot!" and then you put it in and proceed to dance about for half an hour, and then she likes it so much that you lend her your only other song DVD, and then she goes on a trip for work and emails you after watching the DVD and dancing in her hotel room, because she's so smitten with the song picturizations that she took the DVD with her on the road, and with her finely-tuned pop culture intuition she quotes one of the most quotable songs on the disc?
Just chill, chill. Just chill.
Such wise advice. Any idea where I heard such fine lyrics?
Oh yeah, I beena dancin' to Bollywood videos!
It can happen.


Sharon said…
Where is 'just chill' from?

Awesome that your friends are (slowly) getting into Bollywood. I have tried (with little success) to get people to watch Veronica Mars and Supernatural, so I know it's a downer when people are all, "yeah, not my thing." In conclusion, YAY.
I watch Veronica Mars! Well, this season, anyway. I need to rent the past seasons, of which I have seen only pieces.

"Just Chill" is from Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya with Salman, Sushmita, Katrina Kaif, Arshad Warsi, and a bunch more people. I haven't seen it but I bet you you've heard the song before - but I don't necessarily recommend going to look it up because it's the kind of song that can get lodged very deeply in the head.
"Just Chill" is quite a fun song. But I'll admit I never really appreciate it until I saw Abhishek dancing to it in KANK! Abhishek just gives a whole new flavor to the song!

As for the movie "Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya," its a fun watch. Nothing meaningful or thought-provoking but a feel-good comedy!
Sharon said…
ok, S1 of Veronica Mars is one of the best seasons of TV that I've seen. :-D You MUST watch it (preferably spoilerfree).

S3 isn't quite in the same league, but it's still good.
Anonymous said…
VM S1 is indeed GENIUS! I got a couple of friends hooked, so I was able to avoid pestering Beth (too much). Beth, who is this amazing friend with the good sense to latch onto "Just Chill"? Is she pretty where it counts--on the outside? Does she take actual chill pills?
babasko said…
oh i´m sooo glad. you finally got her. yup it takes a lot of patience and some small wonders. like my real life SO. I thought after the IBBM that he would at least forbid me to use the B-word for some months. Mais au contraire. He doesnt even roll his eyes anymore when I manage to turn every conversation to BW. AND he wants to see D:2, Fanaa and Kabul least one day ;-)
Anonymous said…
Akshaye! *fainted* What has happened to you, baby???? In this movie... I mean, thgis the worst, so far, I have seen with him .I had gone definitely for Hungama til I saw that, but now... :(

Veronica is in Poland, but I don't watch it. I like Gilmore Girls ( the end, as the channel once said, but what a miracle a DVD series is :D) ans Supernatural (cuz of Dean from GG ;D).
Anonymous said…
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