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Remember awhile ago I said I was going to Bollywood and not coming back? I'm contemplating it again. But thanks to Krrish, I now know that my utopia, based largely on the Kausali of Koi Mil Gaya, could only be short-lived, and that soon enough Rohit will fall into the clutches of the evil Dr. Arya, so really, why bother?

So my question to you is, where should I move? If you were going to spend a year in a movie, which one would it be? Just for fun, let's say you can take real people into it, and you can put characters and actors into movies they're not actually in. I'm currently thinking about Dil Chahta Hai, where I can hang out with my kindred spirit Deepa and hope that Sid will notice me once Tara dies. Sid really is the ultimate FPMBF, and once he makes up with Akash, the gang will probably be a lot of fun to hang out with. Plus I've never been to Goa and it sounds nice, especially since where I actually live it's 9 degrees outside this morning (that's -13 for all you celsius nuts). But I'm open to suggestions - and travel companions.


Adeline said…
Goa seems to be a very nice place, and you may see Sunil from Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, who lives there.

I think I would like to spend a year in the village of Swades.
babasko said…
hmm, the village in swades sounds nice. but you´ll have to wait until the end of the year to have bijli... and the web access is also a problem.

What about Bunty aur Babli? I mean hightwise I would fit way better then Rani. The only downside would be the pregnant/birth thing. But I´d so love to sell the Taj Mahal Wah! to some rich pardesi.

Or Daud, running away from the bad guys with Sanjay and being able to kick some a**. But we would need to discuss the veeeeery fugly costumes and some of the policewala killings...
Anonymous said…
dil chahta hai. yes, i'd go there. nice life, nice friends - thats it.
but we'll get problems, beth, cause only one sid for two of us :)
Anonymous said…
What about the Town of Chunni and Munni in "Makadi" OR meeting "Iqbal" or meeting Meera of "DOR"? "Rockford" is also a great choice!

In Oldies... "Rafu Chakkar" and I can do a lot of things at Madhupur with Poonam and prem in "Vivah" or With Prem and Nisha in "Ham Aapke Hain Kaun..!"
Michael, how about we trade off every few months - Sid and Manav from Taal?
Anonymous said…
ooh - after Guru, I want to be in Guru's Bombay - maybe I could "console" him when Aish goes back to her mother's house! :-D :-D

AND...there's Maddy - looking SO lovely...and much as I like Vidya, she's gone now, so maybe Maddy would need "consoling" as well!

Bitterlemons...indulging in fantasy...sigh!
I love this idea...something very interesting to ponder, Beth! Well, I think I'd wanna go to Australia and live in "Salaam Namaste." I loved the house that Saif and Priety lived in in that movie. Oh and I'll bring Arjun Rampal of course.
Daddy's Girl said…
I'm torn... 'Devdas' is gorgeous and I'd get to wear lovely clothes and jewelry and be rich, tragic, dramatic and generally fabulous, but I somehow don't think there'd be a whole lot to do there...
so I guess to avoid boredom I'd move to 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge', where I'd get to marvel at Simran's unibrow up close, travel through Europe with an annoying Raj, be terrified by Babuji, and finally snatch Raj from Simran when he turns all earnest and comes to get her in India (although I don't know if I could do it to her, especially if those huge expressive eyes fill with tears).
But I also like Dushyant's 'Hum Aapke Hain Koun' idea - music, dancing, weddings, babies, tears and laughter galore - but no slightly creepy all-knowing 'wonder dog' please. And no Johnny Lever, much as I like him - Johnny on a daily basis would be a bit too much ridiculousness, even for me.
Very compelling idea, Beth. I'm going to be thinking about this all weekend now.
Angela - you are the first person I've talked to who likes him. SN's Melbourne would be fun, I agree!

DG - good call on the lovely yet tragic. I think I'd hate living there, but it might be nice to visit, as someone pointed out to me when I first watched the movie.
Ashley said…
I am not too picky. Maybe I can go to the Disney-land version of New York City found only in Bollywood films like Kal Ho Naa Ho. I could be the nurse who gives Aman his sponge-baths toward the end of the movie.

I could also live in the big Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham house. I wouldn't mind seeing more of SRK and Hrithik Roshan!

But I am with you all the way re: Krrish and Dil Chahta Hai. If you are going to live in one of those movies, I will surely come along!

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