Seeta aur Geeta

My Bollywood history is shaky - and all my reference books are downstairs - so I just have to ask: did the whole world fall in love with Hema Malini after this movie came out?

Because it should have. She rocks.

Most things I touch are turning to "enh" today - a colleague described a graphic I designed as looking like vomit-covered baby poop, and she wasn't wrong - so I don't think a full response to this delightful film is in order. Just watch it. It's fun. And it has roller skates.

Also, the clothes are fantastic. 60s/70s in all the right ways, such as above. Nary a fug to be found.


Anonymous said…
Ooh, we can leave complementary (and complimentary) comments on one another's Seeta aur Geeta posts!

I too love this film and I love Hema in it. It gets better with repeat viewing. I happen to have seen it for the second and third time in the last five days. (It's been a rough five days; this was just what I needed.) Manorama is *brilliant* as the mean old auntie.

I'm so glad you liked it! Sorry about the vomit-poop thing though.
Maja said…
I reeeeally like Hema Malini! Seeta aur Geeta is definitely on my must see list, but it'll have to wait till the new year when I'm hopefully not completely broke any more ...

I haven't been in a particularly good mood for the last couple of weeks or so either, I hope your enh-ness won't drag on for very long. :)
Anonymous said…
Oh! I saw this recently, and it's one of my all-time favorites. Yes, it made me fall madly in love with Hema Malini. It's the best Cinderella story ever -- the princess gets rescued by her own kick-ass alter ego, AND the clothes are magnifcent.
Unknown said…
And what about Dharmi? Isn't he cute too, girls?
Oh yes, a lot of India definitely did...even people like me who saw it years and years later.
You are right on! Hema Malini ruled this movie and I so fell in love with her. When Sanjeev Kumar smacked her I wanted to kick his ass!
Hans Meier said…
One more post like this and i won't come back for more.

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