file under "enabler"

Thanks to Trivial Matters for this gem when I asked him "What's new in Mumbai?" What's new is that DVD vending machines are rolling out in the city. (IS that Tara Sharma in the picture?) The impatient filmi junkie in me loves this, rife with peril as some conveniences can be, their availability making it all too easy to choose poorly. Imagine: one is on one's way home from the pub, bubbly-headed on giggling and rum and coke, and one somehow gets it into one's head that one wants to - needs to - see a Govinda movie right that very minute. Hours later, one wakes up on the couch, completely confused, then looks up in horror to see the tv screen alight with animal-print pants and wild bugging eyes and dopey grinning. One is filled with regret.

Maybe you can put blocks on your account: "Under no circumstances, not even for mockery or point-and-laugh, will the bearer of this card be allowed to rent Kyon Ki."


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