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The list of movies I've seen, with links to related blog posts, is now at this permanent page.


Anonymous said…
You xhould check out some recent movie.. like rock on! and Dostana.

I'd love to read to review of them, via u of course! ;-)

Take care
I'd love to see them - but I'm a 3-hour drive from the closest theater that shows Hindi films regularly :( Sometimes new releases come for just one or two screenings in my area, and I try to see those if I can.
TNL said…
hey Beth...

a quick question, have you had a chance to check out Shashi Kapoor's
"Pighalta Aasmaan"?? a lovely, romantic movie with Rakhee and Rati watch it sometime!
c said…
You must see Hey Ram! It is slightly disturbing. But it is perhaps amongst the very best of Indian cinema.
Wanderer said…
One of my friends pointed to your blog and I started reading the posts in the morning. It is 10 PM in the night and I am done, finally.

You are funny, big-hearted, but more importantly, love Bollywood like I do :) (of course it is simpler for me, I am Indian)

I went through the list and you have seen most of my favourite Hindi movies. I'll recommend a few nonetheless - Angoor, Sarfarosh (starring Aamir, my favourite actor), Socha na Tha (an underrated romcom), Khosla ka Ghosla et al

Keep blogging!
Trupti - I haven't! I'll add it to the list!

Chintan - I would like to see that one. I've picked it up off the shelf several times but never quite been able to commit to trying it.

Wanderer - Thank you! I really appreciate your comments. Please do share recommendations - Sarfarosh and Khosla ka Ghosla are already on my list and I always like knowing about more!
Unknown said…
Hi Beth

I've enjoyed reading your site so far. I'd be interested to know if you've seen any of the following, and what your views were. Not all are classics, but they were interesting films to me. Apologies for the length....

Woh lamhe
Life in a metro
Khoya khoya chand
Black Friday
Traffic signal
Mixed doubles
The last lear

Anonymous said…
*Gushing comment warning. Written by a human, and not a whale*

Just came to your blog through indiequill and man, you are absolutely adorable in the way you watch movies. I've read almost all within a span of 2 hours and even in the littlest of nuances that you captured and elaborated on of characters, actors and movies, I was with you. And it was doubly interesting for me to find that the same things rang true and false with a non-Indian like you as it did for an Indian like me (wow that sounds more ostracising in the typed word than I want to imply, but I hope you take it as a compliment). As did the things that swept you away and disgusted you. It says something about the art form that is cinema, the universality of emotions, the honesty in canning a convincing scene and more such.

Not too long ago, when I was renting out in London, I had taken the baton to be the Bollywood ambassador in the house and used to make my housemates (Brits, Spaniards, Czechs) sit around and watch them, especially my Spanish girlfriend whose reactions always used to trigger long conversations about cultures, the big ideas about life, love and all things in between into wee hours of night. While reading your posts, I was transported to those pleasant evenings.

And I can't say this enough-I could so relate my own exact thoughts on moments and themes you cherry-picked and sat here baffed by your concisely articulated words to capture them. This is just the kind of reviewing I long to read and write and keep wishing there was more of. So visceral, all conversation, stream of consciousness.

Power to you girl, and yes, do catch this year's Kaminey, Paa and Rocket Singh. And here are some recommendations to check out the best ladies dishing it out (I'd say you are totally updated with the men lol). So yes, some more of good sh*t from divas of the 90s like Madhuri and Sridevi such as Mrityudand, Chandni, Lamhe, Lajja, Judaai. You'll be surprised by how contemporary these stories are, and what complete entertainers these women are. There're 2 Juhi gems you could catch: Aaina (v.old school morality tale) and 3 deewarein ( age crime contemplative), and a Juhi-SRK follow-up to Duplicate: One Two Ka Four: an insanely enjoyable crime caper with fab music, nice production values and both at the top of their game. Plus you could also have a real good time wading through some more of Tabu's filmography. The Namesake, Chandni Bar-as depressing as any Lars Von Trier, Astitva, Maachis and Hu Tu Tu). Also, Urmila seems to have slipped through your radar somehow. Check her out in Ek Hasina Thi (with Saif who's as vile as he's in Omkara: the film's edgy avant garde like Being Cyrus though), a magnificent period-weepie Pinjar and as a convincing psychopath in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya + a re-working of Bergman's Autumn Sonata in Tehzeeb. And while we are at Tehzeeb, even Fiza too to see how convincing a family Jaya Bachchan-Karisma-Hrithik make.

Keep writing, and really keep it up. You don't know how bang-on your intuitive analysis is (more so coz it aligns with me haha) Will be waiting for your takes,

A new fan,

You can catch my blah-g here
Nagesh Kumar said…
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