so clearly my big Bollywood break will have to be as a playback singer

I just giggled my way through a Bollywood workout DVD. I am a bad dancer. That's about all there is to say. At one point, trying to do some kind of hip-roll move that I'm sure is supposed to be alluring, an image of Main Hoon Na's Ms. Kakkad flashed in front of my eyes and I had to pause the DVD for a mo to collect myself. The nice instructor on the video said not to worry if at first you find some of the moves difficult, as practice makes perfect; she did not, however, say what to do if you remind yourself of a ridiculous comic side character. I've always assumed I was one of life's sidekicks, and usually I'm perfectly okay with that. It's just that one would like to be able to muster the teensiest bit of dance-based allure should one find oneself in a situation that called for it. That must be one of the things I like about Bollywood - generally, people fare very well in dance-based situations, and if they don't, it's often becuase they deserve it, or if they don't deserve it, they do much better in a subsequent situation. Another strike against "real life" in the ongoing "real life vs. Bollywood" question.


ggop said…
"Teensiest bit of dance-based allure" made me laugh Beth :-)

Last year I went to the local India community center to try a Bollywood dance class. The instructor clearly gave up on me and a friend. She promptly made us move to the back row and replaced us with more graceful chicas.

Anonymous said…
That's the one I have!!!!!! It's fun! She reminds me of the older sister's friends in Bend It like Beckham. I think some of her "classical" moves are probably a smidge on the watered-down side, but I enjoyed them, and they did remind me of lots of the classical dance I saw this summer, although I by no means claim any Indian dance knowledge and wouldn't know "authentic" if it did a "woof-woof" on my head (you'll understand "woof-woof" when you watch the DVD). I need to review the basics a few more times;
apparently it's harder to do hands AND feet at the same time than I
anticipated. I can do each separately.

Once you try it, write back and tell me which part you think is where I turned into Ms. Kaker. I'll send you a prize if you're right.
Anonymous said…
Oh and ggop, I totally empathize. I would have been right there with you. We all get an A for effort, though, right?
Anonymous said…
Bollywood dance workout video? That sounds awesome! I think I've seen that somewhere. Which video? I am generally dubious of video-based work out routines, though. There's no variety. I took a class in Bollywood dance and my belly dance studio once. It was so much fun. Tell you what. I can dance, but I can't sing for crap, so here's what we'll do: We'll go on the road, you sing, I'll do the dancing and we'll call it something cheesy, like, oh, I don't know, "Cheese!"

I love BW dance. I imitate it all the time. I think I could do the whole of "Maahie Ve" just from memory.

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