research question #2

My friend Teleport City wants to know: who is blue dude in the middle?

And also, Electric Vindaloo is an awesome name for an album. I'm really sad I didn't think of it.

Update to post (October 1, 2007): Teleport City has found the answer! Well, almost, anyway. The blue dude comes from Dharmendra-starrer Saazish (1975). Bravo!


Maja said…
This is the cover of a music album? I love it! Is it a compilation of filmi songs?

I have no idea who the blue guy is (the inspiration behind Blue Man Group?), I know this isn't much help but he looks exactly like one of the characters from this Czech series that was shown on Sunday mornings after the cartoons when I was little :O It was called Arabela, wonderful show.
Keith said…
The album -- from Motel Records, which seem to come and go with the release of this album -- is the follow-up to "Bombay the Hard Way: Guns, Cars, and Sitars." Both are remixes by modern American, British, and Indian DJs of classic Bollywood funk tunes from the 70s and 80s, except some aren't remixes (the theme from "Don" is presented straight, without any remixing, because it's that awesome).

Both CDs should still be pretty easy to find (check Amazon and others).

As for the blue guy -- he's been irritating me for years. He looks a lot like Fantomas as portrayed in a trilogy of psychedelic spy/supervillain movies from France during the 1960s, and I assume Fantomas was indeed the model for this Hindi replication. But I've found absolutely nothing, and the record company is defunct.

Thanks, Beth, for helping advance the quest!

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