Why? Because it was there.

In Diwali's spirit of new beginnings, t-HYPE, Susania, and many more of us are pleased to announce Ugly, Ugly, Bollywood Fugly, a new site devoted to the very finest inflicted by Indian film costume designers at their very worst moments. Some other folks were already covering celebrities out in the wild - and well done, Twinkle Twinkle and others - but we're more interested here in what they wear on screen.

For me, it's a matter of time management: I watch a lot of Bollywood, so that I can easily write about, but what with trying to keep up with the outfits of America's own completely loony celebs, I couldn't possibly have the energy scan Indian magazines and gossip sites, and I leave that noble task in the capable hands of others.

My personal slant for the new blog, at least for the time being, is to roll out a series of fashion lessons. I always find myself thinking, "Now if there's one thing we've learned from Bollywood (and there are many), it's...." And I keep thinking I should write them all down, but of course I forget. But fashion is a nice, confined yet totally rich topic, and I hope to codify learning for us all as inspired by and gleaned from the very finest to grace the screen.

And no, I am by no stretch a fashionista and in fact wear jeans to work whenever I possibly can (which is almost all of the time). But I know fugly when I see it.

And happy Diwali, everyone!


Katrin said…
Great idea :D
I've just seen Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi and there's just the thing for you:
www.missionbas.de/Sabberfilme/kkkm/kkkm9.jpg .
But beware! Don't forget to put on shades before looking at the pictures ...
babasko said…
happy diwali to you too :D
ggop said…
Happy Diwali Beth! Its very easy to find fugly in the 80's and 70's movies. It should be fun to find them in new ones. (2000 onwards?)
Anonymous said…
sounds great. wish this new project all the best :)
Sharon said…
happy diwali, beth!

did you pig out on sweets? :D

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