It's just Don. That's all there is to it.

So I finally watched Don. Like for Sharon, the verdict was out on whether to watch it before or after the new one, but I figured it was time to break the recent string of terribly terrible movies with surety and style. Bow-tie-with-slacks style, preferably.

I enjoyed Don very much. And while it has its share of completely ridiculous moments* - the tightrope being the high point of disbelief, as Maja pointed out, but don't forget the flaming car at the graveyard or knowing the van with the vault would stop exactly over that utility hole cover (I didn't drive while I was there, but I reckon from what I observed that Mumbai traffic is not that predictable) - it was good fun, and who cares, right? This is canon, and even if I don't entirely understand why, I'll accept it as so.

What I do feel I can comment on is how SRK will do. (Please note I have watched none of the teasers for the new movie, so forgive me if I'm talking about things that don't exist in the new movie or whatever. I'm just basing this on the knowledge that SRK is playing that character.) I hope he pulls it off in the appropriate spirit rather than as a duplication - this is how I felt about the first Bridget Jones's Diary movie, which had a seriously messed-with plot but captured the spirit of the book quite satisfactorily. While I am not a Big B junkie, I know enough to know it's better to nod to the legend than to try to replicate him. I really liked parts of Duplicate and look forward to SRK doing character-with-in-a-character again. And surely he could do a loopy street performer really well. And you know what? I think Priyanka will stink on ice. I so believed that Zeenat Aman had fun with that role, and I can't imagine Priyanka demonstrating that kind of glee.

And yes, I would like to read Roma's blog. But it's hard to keep one when you're under cover.

And yes, I loved Roma's gaucho pants and strappy wedge sandals.

OHMYGOD. I am listening to some Bollywood web radio station and there is a really awful song on, with the lyrics "love you unconditionally, soniye" being sung by a voice that surely must be Sir Whiny McNasal. I am so tired of him. Shutupshutupshutup. I wonder if the rest of the lyrics are this stupid? OHMYGOD I just changed the channel and he's on that one too. RRRRR.

* I watched this with one of my Indian viewing companions from Lage Raho Munna Bhai, and as much as he loves movies, he too was having issues with suspension of disbelief. He would point at things and say "See? Typical Hindi film." When JJ was trying to figure out how to escape with his kids and spies the rope conveniently sitting in the corner, my friend said "Bah! That is there just so he can use it. Typical Hindi film!" This makes me think that we should award THF prizes for the moments when this kind of thing happens. Like Totally Basmatic's Dumb English Lyrics.


ggop said…
LOL on Whiny McNasal!!
Wasn't there a detective on TV who kept getting out of tight situations with rope etc.? :-)

(McGyver? Spelling may be incorrect)

Clearly, you haven't watched Rajnikant's movies which defy laws of physics. Must check out YouTube for some famous Rajni moments.

Movie Mazaa said…
Okay Beth, regarding Priyanka, How could u??? How on earth could you???? :D :P :D

Gawd!! I love her. And why do people hate her so much and fall for the chattery Kareenas and Plastic Ashes (literally)?? ;) :D
Sharon said…
I dunno - Priyanka Chopra hasn't been all that in any of the movies I've seen her in (yes, even in Bluffmaster) and in Krrish, she was so annoying I switched it off halfway through because all the shrieking was a bit much.

BTW - the worst/funniest bad english lyrics I can think of were from this mid 90's song that went, "you are my fish fry, you are my chicken fry..."

Really. :D
ggop - Ah yes, Macgyver. There should totally be an Indian Macgyver. Maybe there already is! And no, the only Rajnikanth I've seen is that breakdancing clip that's been circulating lately. But someone emailed me all about some of his finer action sequences - my favorite is throwing a knife at a bullet in order to split it and two and send all three projectiles into the three bad guys. I'm not sure I could handle it. But an A for creativity, definitely.

Velu - do you really think Priyanka is good actress - not just tolerable, but actually good? I understand thinking she's cute and all, but.... I love Ash because in the roles I've seen her do, she was appropriately feisty, and I think she can be quite funny. I like Kareena - varying on the movie of course - because when she's good, I believe her. When she's bad, I believe she's on crack or something.

Sharon - exactly. Yeah, Krrish was really bad for her - not that it gave her much to do, but still...blech. I did still like that movie a lot, though - all Hrithik all the time! Oooh...just thinking about Hrithik makes me want to watch the straightjacket dance from Lakshya....

Oh lord, those are bad lyrics. Bad bad bad.
Anonymous said…
SHARON: Is that the same song that also had a line like, "You are my samoosa..."???

BETH: I share your views on Priyanka! (not so much on Ash, though)

I wish I could watch DON before the new one as well..
Anonymous said…
Sheetal, Sharon (and Beth) - for your listening pleasure, I give to you:

Vintage Bappi Lahiri, I must say! Clap clap!!
SPM said…
Since you brought up Don, here are some views that I have of it (mentioned in passing in this post):

And my views on the spurt of remakes in general, and why they won't or don't work:

And specifically about the new Sholay:
Maja said…
Sir Whiny McNasal actually has a concert here sometime in November, I think. Typical, of all the singers who could come here ...
Anonymous said…
pinke_v: Thanks for that link!

Guys, please tell me who Sir Whiny McNasal is...I have an inkling of an idea, but I don't wanna say in case I'm wrong!
Anonymous said…
aloha beth! i loved the original Don, it was very polyester leisure suit kitzchy cool. there were some silly moments, like the tightrope walking scene you mentioned, but i think it just all adds to the fun. i bet that it was the first cool action movie of its kind at the time and thereby earned it's iconic status. i'm really looking forward to checking out the new one and am green with envy that you'll be able to see it in theatres soon. enjoy!
Anonymous said…
I love the original Don, especially because I am a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR Big B fan. Personally, I could've done without his tribute to paan in the movie, though.
I loved Zeenat Aman's million wigs and hairdos (it was so funny in the graveyard scene with her stunt double wearing a nasty wig and looking so obviously like a MAN - no wonder they made Zeenat wear that pantsuit - nice try, didn't work).
I also loved the way Zeenat said the word 'Don', there was just something weird about it.
Beth, I visited this blog months ago when you were just getting into Bollywood, and I feel like a proud father, seeing how far you've come now. Wow! You really do love Bollywood...
And so do I, please check out my Bollywood-related blog:

PS I love your stuff, keep blogging
PSS Will definitely be taking up your SRK challenge for his birthday... I love SRK.

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