and if Preity says it, you know it must be true

I just heard Preity Zinta refer to Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna as "kank" in an interview! This makes me very happy.

On the down side, however, I think I may be kanked with Film Cafe. This is the first time I've listened in many weeks and I'm just not interested. It's not really very deep, is it? It's gushing. Sometimes I enjoy that, but lately I guess I don't. And it's almost always "Tell us about the character you play in XYZ film" and "Tell us why everyone should go watch XYZ film." Snooze.

And: I tried several times last night to log in to post my review of Satte Pe Satta but blogger, darn its beautiful hide [get it? get it?], was misbehaving. Meanwhile I'll just tell you that everyone should read my post on Satte Pe Satta because it's a really, really good post and everyone worked really hard on it and it's a fun post with something for everyone.


Maja said…
Do you know the CNN-IBN podcasts? They do a lot of interviews with actors too (and politicans and cricketers), this is the RSS feed for it
Maja said…
Oops no sorry, this is the right one
Aparna said…
Will wait for Satte pe missing your posts for some time now...buck up!!!!
--Sunrise-- said…
lolzz... advertising for your posts eh? :D

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