[Is this whole joke spinning completely out of control, or is it still funny? I can't tell. I mean, I think it's funny, but maybe others are growing weary.]

Comments on the previous post have made me realize that despite being King Khan, SRK is nobody's FPMBF. Some of the usual suspects have made the cut - Hrithik, Abhishek, John Abraham - as well as some of the unusual - Sanjay, Akshaye. And here I thought SRK was supposed to have such appeal abroad!

Aside to TB: who's your number one - just for the sake of argument, because of course in the real world of FPMBF you can have all five.


Anonymous said…
I will sound like a total idiot.. but what's FPMBF?

and if SRK is not taken..I will claim him for FPMBF, which I have no idea what is it but I hope it's good! :S
Sharon said…
It's like that bit in A Beatiful Mind, when John Nash (Russell Crowe) says, "If we all go for the blonde and block each other, not a single one of us is going to get her. So then we go for her friends, but they will all give us the cold shoulder because no one likes to be second choice. But what if none of us goes for the blonde? We won't get in each other's way and we won't insult the other girls. It's the only way to win. It's the only way we all get laid. " (quote from imdb)

Substitute SRK for the Blonde and that's the situation we're in *grin*
babasko said…
F-ake P-retend M-ovie B-oy F-riend

and in my case FPMEMA

F-ake P-retend M-ovie E-xtra M-arital A-ffair (we discussed it and living in the times of KANK its totally ok)
Vah! Vah! Well done all!

Now I'm curious if we can substitute "SRK" for "blonde" in other settings. "SRKs have more fun" might well be the case. "SRK is a recessive gene" would explain why there's only the one of him.
Anonymous said…
Beth, I think I said once or twice in one of my e-mails that I really, really liked SRK. So, I guess it's time for me to come out of the closet and claim him as my FPMBF, I mean FPMEMA. Babasko can have him when he's in Europe and I'll take him when he's in America.
babasko said…
thanx joyce, but i don´t want him LOL
i have this vain streak in me, that i don´t date men that are smaller (5´11") than me. and he is. so maja can have him when he´s in europe. ok?

oh and TB i totally would have loved to come up with the cool beautiful mind quote but that was sharon ;-)
Katrin said…
Oh well, if nobody wants him when he's over here - I'll sacrifice myself and take SRK when he's in Europe. *mypreciousssssss* Ooopsi. Didn't mean to go all Gollum :P

And seeing as nearly all the good FPMBF-candidates are already taken, I guess it's time to stake my claim unless I want to end up with either of the Deol-brothers ...
Atul's mine! And Shashi! And Arshad Warsi, who sounds so incredibly nice in the Filmcafe-interview ... and Siddharth *sigh* ... and ... do I sound greedy? Oh well, I'm willing to share ;) We're rational, grown-up, responsible, sensible adults after all. :P
Okay, Katrin, who's #1, though? :) And no, the Deol brothers would be a fate worse, that's a tough one. But never fear, no Deol brothers for you! And you did know that I met Arshad Warsi this summer, right?
babasko said…
Oh no, no, no. you can´t have Atul AND Siddarth. Along with Shashi. I want at least a "bi-weekly date" share on Atul. And did you know there are rumours that Siddarth might film in Tyrol this fall?
My mumeum/library/archive heart is really happy that all of this is getting recorded. We can make a nice official list, stamp it with a seal, and deposit it in Yash Chopra's office or something.
Maja said…
I'm very happy just with Abhishek so far. I did consider asking for a little share of SRK when he's in Europe, but it might hurt poor Abhi something awful, coming so soon after Rani dumped him for Old Eyebrows ... So I think I'll wait for KANK to, well, kank out first ;)

Beth, next time you're going to hang out with Arshad, you have to let me know in advance!
Katrin said…
OMG! I have to decide??? That's cruel!

Ooookay. I guess having SRK as FPMBF is too much trouble - imagine having to fend of all those screaming women ... And well, keeping Atul for myself would be really unfair so I'll be happy to share with babasko. Siddharth doesn't seem to be first on anybody's list plus he's just the right mixture of adorable, sexy and arrogant - I'll make him my number 1!

@Beth: I read about that and really envied you! You didn't ask Arshad whether he had an unmarried brother or something?

@babasko: Tyrol? When? Where? *hyperventilate* I need to keep a better eye on that naughty boy! He's been to Frankfurt and "Düsseldorf" a while ago without telling me ... *tsk*
You only have to choose for #1. If our subsequent FPMBFs overlap, well, there's not much we can do about that. But everyone should get to have her/his #1, I think. No unrequited FP lurve here in FP Bollywood land. And very good choice with Siddharth.
babasko said…
@katrin: its really just a rumour so far and cinetirol is very close-mouthed when it comes to dates and locations. but if i find out more i promise i´ll tell you asap
Aparna said…
portraying that dopey, hugs-you feeling of when you find yourself twitterpated and you just want to sit and stare at the sea and indulge in it
That's so beautifully put!!!
Katrin said…
@babasko: That'd be really really really very very very cool ;) My bags are already packed just in case ...

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