So much of kanked!

Loving the mixed reports on KANK and still undecided as to whether a 6-hour (total) car trip in suburban Chicago traffic is worth it. Abby said we could justify the drive by seeing all four of the Hindi films playing at that theater. What say you, readers: is at least 12 hours in a movie theater too much, even if spent on KANK, Omkara, Anthony Kaun Hai?, and Golmaal?

Also loving the acceptance of "kank"/"kanked" as words, even if there seems to be some disagreement on what they should mean exactly. But language is a dynamic medium, changing with needs of expression, etc. Pip pip.


Anonymous said…
'Omkara' is a lovely movie..a must watch . Strong performances by Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor...and as usual, great performances by Konkona Sen Sharma (Mr and Mrs Iyer + Page3 fame) and Ajay Devgan.
Music by Vishal Bharadwaj is melodious..and very soothing.
Anonymous said…
I forgot to mention that "Golmaal" sucks.
Anonymous said…
I have heard nothing but raves about Omkara, and nothing good about Anthony Kaun Hai?
babasko said…
Oh Golmaal is fun. Not great but fun. And a 12 hours moviethon justifys any movie just for being a 12 hours moviethon.

So thumbs up for KANK and Omkara. Mindless fun in Golmaal and from what the reviews state at least timepass for Anthony Kaun Hai. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me..
t-HYPE said…
The real question is not whether 12 hours in the theater is too much but whether your butts are prepared to endure another 3 hours of sitting after having sat for 1 work day + 4 hours of overtime.

However, if you stop at IKEA for dinner, I suppose it's okay.
Anonymous said…
check out and watch KANK for free
Anonymous said…
A hilarious take on KANK
ggop said…
KANK and Omkara will be overwhelming if you watch them back to back. Spending 7 hours in a theater will drive me nuts.
But looks like you are a diehard fan(atic?) :-)
Very sadly, maybe this is what it means to be "kanked."

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