Aap Ki Khatir bits and bobs

We've all seen him with better hair, but he really does look happy, so that's all that matters na?

The outfit is a step up from the last music launch photos I saw, although the tshirt under the nice button-down is superfluous, and I'm so over the strategically distressed denim. So overall, upgrade!

And let's look at this, which is even better:

The best part of this is the sweater. I love sweaters, which is why it's probably best I didn't run into Akshaye in Mumbai after all, since you would have to be crazy to wear a sweater in Mumbai in July. Forget spring; fall is romantic, with its cool air and warm sun and crunchy leaves and bright, appley scent.

I'm listening to the soundtrack and am completely underwhelmed and it sounds way too much like everything else I associate with Himmesh Reshammiya, especially him going "oooh" or "ohhhh." The acoustic with a dash of Akshaye in it is a little different, but I can't say I actually like it. Of course, knowing what sweet nothings he's whispering would help a lot; as is, I'm not remotely weak in the knees. I'll just stare at the sweater photo instead. Thanks to Raaga (as usual) for playing the soundtrack.


Anonymous said…
Beth, I am an African woman living in Texas and I enjoy your blog. I totally love Akshay Khanna and he was the only one I was looking at in Dil Chahta Hai.
Stella! Hi! Very nice to meet you! What say you to the sweater photo? I'm in luuuurve with him anyway but anything approaching preppy is even better.
Thanks TB! And he's wondering how to get to his mobile phone in the trailer to call me without Priyanka getting all up in his grill about it.
Anonymous said…
I totally love that sweater photo, I hate to say it but Akshay and Abishek are taking Shahrukh's place in my heart,lol.
Anonymous said…
is that you in the background, akshayes walking away from, bethy ;)

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