I'm not really sure teaching someone the electric slide is a fair exchange for bhangra lessons....

I wish I could have written about this right away, so I could have captured every nuance, but there just wasn't time. So, go over to Beth Goes to India and read about my first filmi dancing experience! It was incredibly fun. Read about Rajan (aforementioned tour guide who took us to Fanaa) (aka "the legend," thanks to a cheeky t-shirt he wears on which there is an arrow pointing up that says "the man" and an arrow pointing down that says "the legend"), who indulges me in conversations about movies and seems to get a big kick out of an audience (albeit an audience of only one or two) who appreciates his mad dancing skillz. He is also up for an outing to Krrish, for which there is a growing groundswell of support, now that everyone has seen the hoardings.

In other news: one of my colleagues has fallen for SRK, and I have a growing collection of pictures of movie stars in ads on billboards and signs. Isn't India great?

And yes, Rajan enjoyed learning the electric slide. I'm waiting for him to figure out how to Bolly it up a bit, once we get to Mumbai, where he has promised to take us dancing.


Movie Mazaa said…
Get ready for the crowds!
And do stay clear of the floods!
Its a great bustling city.
I just love it!
Paresh said…
Oh, so you are in Mumbai!
Its my home town and it simply rocks!
Have a nice stay!

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