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Finally did some serious movie shopping today, accompanied by Rajan, who maybe just went with me to make sure I could cross the street safely, I'm not sure. There is a very crowded, very crammed movie and music store just down from the hotel. Once again, I was the only woman in the place - where are all the women in Kolkata, I wonder? Anyway. Their selection of DVDs was okay, although not great - much better was the range of VCDs but I've heard mixed reports on how those tend to work on US players so I have only bought a few. So today I got things I know will work, namely remix CDs, for as great as the remix section, I've heard my favorites...well, let's just say "quite a few times by this point," and it's time to branch out. And I did find two DVDs that were necessary: Muqaddar Ka Sikanddar, of which I saw a bit on tv the other day and had identified for me by Obi Wan, and a collection called Everybody on the Dance Floor, which clearly has to be genius based on its name alone.

The thing is, despite the great prices on movies here, I still have to carry them home, and when it comes to DVDs that I can in fact get at home, even if at a higher prices, or books that I cannot, even I choose books.

I know, I know. I can still be in the official Bollywood fan club, though, right?

My hotel is also just a block or so - separated by a death-defying street-crossing, of course - from a big theater. But there's no time to go, and I'm thinking Omkara without subtitles would be a disaster.

Today we drove all over Kolkata and into Barrackore (that's spelled wrong, I'm sure) and I took a zillion photos of movie ads and movie stars in ads. No matter how hard I try, something keeps popping into the frame of my attempt to capture Sunny Deol advertising underwear, but have faith, I will triumph. I saw some great hand-done posters for the standard fare - Krrish, Phir Hera Pheri - and some more unusual-looking things called Playboy and Night Sin. Trivandrum too had a few posters for things that looked eyebrow-raising, most of them featuring non-Indian women. Hmmm....

Aside to Michael: has my postcard come yet?


Maja said…
I'm glad I don't have to decide between Bollywood DVDs and books, my brain would probably explode!

I can't wait till you come back and show us all these pictures, Beth :D
Movie Mazaa said…
U were in trivandrum??????

*not talking any more*

and while I am at it, I might as well whisper to u, to get songs of Umraao Jaan, if u havent got them already, and if mujra songs interest u. Asha's melodious voice is an absolute delight!
Vijayeta said…
Hey! How goes the India trip? Don't know if you've the time, but would love to know what you think of this post on Bollywood!

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