Naseeruddin Shah and Harrison Ford on the same plane!

Behold! A list of the movies shown on my flight to India! I'll watch any of the Indian ones, but obviously I am most delighted at getting to see Abhishek - and perform my dance routine to "Sabse Bada Rupaiyya" for the whole plane (where am I going to put all those bakckup dancers?) - en route.


babasko said…
Oh, Iqbal and Bluffmaster! bahut accha! And if you take me with you (maybe in your cabin luggage - not that theres a slight chance that I ever would fit in it) I would gladly dance for your entertainment.
Yes, I was quite pleased about those! A 15-hour flight...and you know they're going to show that lameo Harrison Ford one - so at least two I hope! Babasko - and any of you, really! - I would travel with you anywhere, anytime. Clearly that would be bahut masti. We can dance together!
Maja said…
Wow, what's with the weird combination of great Indian movies and really bad American ones? I hope you're able to avoid Pink Panther at least, gah.

Yay for Abhishek, though :D Mmm.

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