my two great pop cultural loves, together at last

From darling Akshay, a Bollywood take on the Beatles, delightfully like the song from the Gumnaam clip in Ghost World (apparently this has been up for months - I'm so out of it).


Maja said…
Haha oh my goodness, that was quite something! Love it :D
Anonymous said…
I love that clip! The movie has been on the bottom of my list - of course I moved it right to the top after seeing this.
If you like stuff like this or Jaan Pehechan Ho you just have to watch Teesri Manzil. It's got some amazing songs - and a really great head-shaking-number. Plus, the girl from Jaan Pehechan Ho has a really funny supporting role. And the rest of the film is great fun, too!
Lidia said…
Beth, I love your blog! You always have the best things!

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