I still like it better than Salman

Look what I bought on the way home today!

Army of Monkeys, recently back from Mumbai, had warned me this was sickly sweet, and I have to agree. As a diet soda drinker, this was a shock to the system. Particularly enjoyable is the stick-on label with nutritional information, telling me that this product does not contain fruit and that it is made in India. Here's to the first of many, whether or not they are endorsed by a muscly star of Mujhse Shaadi Karoge!

Thank you to my friend Kevin, who has reviewed Thums Up for his very cool website Knowledge for Thirst, for alerting me to the availability of Thums Up at one of Chambana's finest international groceries.


babasko said…
I so not going to comment on this!
Maja said…
Ick, I hate soda ... The bubbles make my nose all itchy on the inside o_O I'd probably have to buy this anyway though, if it has Made in India on the bottle!
Maja said…
Found 4 of the Thumbs Up ads with Salman on YouTube! Were there more? They might be more on YouTube as well, but I got too distracted by all the other clips of Salman on there ... :D

Unknown said…
They use a very corny slogan - I think it's - "Taste the Thunder"
Anonymous said…

Have you tried Limca yet?
Anonymous said…
I find all soda outside the US more sweet with less gas, people though drink less of it anyway.

p.s Beth.. I love all the banners you have. great work!!

p.s 2. when are going to write your KHNH review?
Akshay - thunder tasted! It's sugary!

Filmiholic - it's next on the list - they had it at the shop too.

Annous - so far I'm with you. Bubbles are the best part of soda. And thank you re: the banners! I've had so much fun making them! I haven't been in the mood lately for KHNH - it makes me too weepy to engage in the parts that aren't silly. But never fear - someday!

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