I knew there was a reason I own two copies of the Main Hoon Na soundtrack!

Namely, that yesterday while driving around I was really sad that I didn't have MHN in the car. So I went rummaging around the car, looking for a suitable replacement (as if there is such a thing - pish posh), when voila! There it was! You cannot imagine my happiness. Sometimes only "Chale Jaise Hawayein" will do. So from now on, the rule for favorites is, one copy at home (loaded on to both home and work computers), and one copy in the car. (And yes, if I had an ipod, this wouldn't be a problem, but until they make one with AM radio so that I can have my NPR in the mornings, forget it).

Also, my dear laptop had to be sent back to the mothership in Cupertino, California. She should be back today. Logic board problems. Yikes.

Update: my computer is still not fixed. The shop called this morning and said ishe was back from California. So I brought her home at lunch but immediately had the same freaking problem I took her in for a week and a half ago - plus some new ones. Jolly. On the bright side, it all seems to be covered by my 3-year protection plan. And I just want to say for the record that she still is better-behaved than the one and only PC I've ever owned.


Anonymous said…
I have my favorite music(Dil Se,Veer Zaara,Devdas) every where I go(ipod,laptop).it's funny because I will be walking down the street and suddenly break out in somemovement I remeber from the picturization.....embarassing really..but who cares!!!!

P.S.have you heard the music for Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna?...SEL has done it again! great music.
Anonymous said…
oh, you're also an mac user. like me. good to know :)

for my car i allways use some self-burned copies of my soundtracks. the way i work with music in my car is better that way. many cds will dy in my car *gg

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