Dear SEL: more B&B, less KHNH!

It's a lay-it-on-the-line kind of day here at Beth Loves Bollywood. So, bearing that in mind, as well as the fact that I can't understand any of the non-English, here are my thoughts on the KANK soundtrack. This is my first music review, I think. Thanks to Totally Basmatic for the idea (and maybe somebody else suggested I do it? I can't remember, and I v sorry to whoever that was). Overall I feel enh. Nothing in here grabs me, although I have a feeling that one of them will grow on me (more on that later).

"Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna" - Makes me think of "Kal Ho Naa Ho." I know this is exactly what TB said but she's right. Snooze.

"Mitwa" - Again, enh. I have nothing in particular to say about this. It does a bit remind me of "Jaane Kyon" from Dil Chahta Hai.

"Where's The Party Tonight" - The best thing about this, as TB points out, is that it sounds like it's about nachos. Question: in the setting "Do you feel alright/Wanna naach all night," what should the final punctuation be? Is it a polite inquiry - "Dear, do you feel like naaching all night, or would you rather stay in and rent a movie?" Or is it a declaration of a plan - "Put on your fancy pants, we're going out. No, the silver ones. No no, those are lilac. I don't know, last time I saw them they were on the floor of your closet. Yes, I already fed the dog. Come on." I think it's the latter, given some of the other lyrics. And I like some of the instrumentation during the bridge.

"Tumhi Dekho Na" - Possibly mawkish. Inspires gentle swaying back and forth in my desk chair. Booooring.

"Mitwa Revisited" - Bluffmaster has set the bar really high for remixes, in my book, and this just doesn't cut it. It's fine. I think it might be best listened to while driving on a highway with the windows down - like DCH when they go to Goa.

"Rock 'n' Roll Soniye" - This is a completely silly song and I already like it. The way the singers say the initial letter R pleases me immensely. And I swear at one point it sounds like the chorus is quietly singing "wham bam thank you ma'am," which is funny just because it couldn't possibly be the case (cf the "roofie checking account" Citibank ad on This will be the one to grow on me and a little part of me hopes it will be blared frequently this summer in India so I can truly appreciate it in context. That said, the way to do 50s or 60s style in current Bollywood is as in "Gori Gori" from Main Hoon Na. I should probably reserve some judgement until I see this in the movie, because maybe the moves are as great as in MHN. Somehow I doubt it, though. This song too has KHNH overtones to me - parts remind me of "Maahi Ve" and the end reminds me of the end of "Pretty Woman" when everyone says "wheeeee!" or "heeeyyyy!" or whatever that is.

"Farewell Trance" - From its opening gentle rains, I'm already asleep. Maybe I'm supposed to be? But then I woke up with the hokey voiceover. "No distance is too great. Your memory lives on." Barf.

Thanks to Bollywood World Music for playing the soundtrack.

And yes, I know SEL did KHNH and DCH. They also did B&B and "Main Aisa Kyon Hoon" from Lakshya which are totally different and much better. And yes, I know I once said I thought the DCH soundtrack was really great but I have changed my mind and downgraded it to "good for its movie, but not something I wish to hear out of context." Except for "Woh Ladki Hai Kahan," which I will heart forever.


babasko said…
I am probably most curious about the slow song "tumhi dekho naa" which means "i dont see you". and i think i understood something like "where are you" in hindi as next sentence.
very much material for a highend karan johar weeping session.
i´m stocking up on tissues, just in case
Anonymous said…
lol Beth,
niiice, can I ask you to give the sound track another try.. it grows on you.. it really does.
as for the lyrics.. they are even cornier than the one you wrote, and I love them.
Sexy Sam, sexy Sam,wham bam wham bam thank you Sam oh shava, oh shava
TB - oooh yes let's!

Babasko - I have such mixed feeling about Karan Johar (other than KKHH, which I love unabashedly). I'm sure I'll see KANK, and I'm sure I'll cry, but I'm not sure I'll enjoy it.

Annous - those are corny! Thanks for the catch. Shava shava indeed!
babasko said…
aare beth. abhishek. dancing to "where´s the party tonight". with preity. pish posh. you must enjoy. bas
Well, that part sounds good!
Maja said…
You had me at "Abhishek, dancing", babasko :D Mmm. I just watched B&B last night. For the 3rd time (not counting the 6 or so times I rewound back to the opening song *ahem*).

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