I'll say this for him - he sure can keep a secret.

Regular readers will know that Akshaye's hope to settle down comes as no surprise. As you can read here, he's a publicity mastermind - our plan is all set up, correlated right here in published print. "Waiting for the right person to come along," say in July, in Mumbai, seemingly from out of nowhere? A mild-mannered educator from nowheresville USA, with no hint of scandal and no ties to the industry, whom he may or may not have encountered on this summer trip to the US? Perfect.

Thanks Michael for the article. Glaubst du ich bin diese Frau?

Aside to new readers: I'm completely kidding. I would never stalk anyone. This is all fake-pretend for the amusement of myself and anyone else who happens to find it funny. If I actually were to spy Akshaye Khanna on the street this summer, I would fall over with surprise without saying a word.

Update to post (May 17, 2006): after reading a few bits and pieces adrift in the Bollyblog universe, apparently I have a competitor for Akshaye's affections. It is yet to be determined whether said competitor is fake-pretend. In the words of one of America's finest cinematic contributions, I say: bring it on. And know that one of my ancestors did kill someone in a duel. I'm not at all violent. But I'm just sayin'.

True-for-real: not even Akshaye is worth conflict with a fellow filmi fan! Plus we'd have to let him choose anyway. You can't force an arm-fling.


Anonymous said…
Beth, I sure hope that you don't trip and fall if you have a close enounter with one a Bollywood star.

You never know you might see them as you are eating your sandwich at the BBC Cafe/Bistro/deli at the Marriott Juhu in Bombay.

Hint, hint, nudge, nudge that is where you will find the filmi types hanging out...


Anonymous said…
:) are you?
├Čt was maria who wrote about you. not me.

babasko said…
well if you happen to fall make sure it is in the right (aka his) direction. since he is waiting for you only, you need to give him a chance to make a real heroic overture by catching you.
Anonymous said…
beth, youre wonderful. really.
and i'd to take the bad boys part trying to seperate hero and heroine. and as we know (especially since sholay) the evil ones are the real heroes :D
Anonymous said…
This actually begs a question: how many good betas in the film industry have gone against clan and religion and married a firangi?

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