Dumb, dumber, and I'd like to say "dumbest," but there's probably a stupider movie out there somewhere, na? Masti

Wow. I did not like this. I had a really hard time getting past the subtle-as-a-brick-to-the-head innuendoes (at what point is something not even an innuendo anymore?) and homophobic jokes (if you must make those, Bollywood, please do not have them delivered by Shatish Shah, and try to not sink lower in the overkill scale than KHNH [neither of these conditions was met here]). Comparing this to the other "wow, I'm such a stupid man that cheating is fun!" movie I've seen makes No Entry look good.

However, this might almost be worth watching just for Ajay Devgan's hilarious tough cop. I haven't seen enough of his movies to know if he's spoofing anything in specific, but whatever he's doing, it's funny. The man even manages to make gum and blond tips look menacing.

This isn't spectacularly bad. It's not even laughably bad. It just wasn't very engaging to me. So I don't think I'll bother much further with a response, except to say I also enjoyed Archana Puran Singh (once Ms. Briganza, always Ms. Briganza), the movie's inventive use of faces on shirts, the really lackluster item dancer, and the mighty strong microphone on Vivek's cell phone.

Asisde to Angie's Tangents: your fake-pretend movie boyfriend is looking fine in this movie.


I can appreciate that. Dancing always makes a movie better, and I'm all for audience participation.

And yes, I have seen CCCC. Not my favorite, but it has a few fun moments. Mainly thanks to Preity, of course.
Anonymous said…
Masti might have been a fun trifle, but Kya Kool Hai Hum (and good Lord will it never stop, they're planning a sequel) was worse to the nth degree, in addition to all the anti-gay humor, the cheesy double entendres were not only translated on screen (badly), they were also e-x-p-l-a-i-n-e-d in between on screen parentheses.
Filmiholic - wow, that is a new level of b-a-d. I have just looked at your site and want to lend my full and devoted support to your summer project!

By the way, I had not heard of Kya Kool Hai Hum so just looked it up on imdb. It looks awful. I am worried about what the name "Dr. Screwwala" means.... Thank you for your public service announcement regarding this film.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Beth. Kya Kool Hai Hum was made in the eshtyle of Masti, but with more bathroom and slapstick humor.

I'll be blogging on Deewar, Zanjeer and a few others this weekend.

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