beware of boys

Yesterday I went to see Stick It, the new film brought to you by the makers of Bring It On (spirit fingers, anyone?). Not nearly as quotable, but it did include a bit of Panjabi MC's "Mundiyaan to Bach Ke" - and if there's anywhere I didn't expect to hear filmi music*, it was in a B-grade teen gymnastics movie set in Texas. (No offense to my B-movie-loving friends - and I'm sure Stick It isn't your kind of B anyway.)

* I'm sure it can be argued this isn't filmi music, but I know this song because of listening to film soundtracks, so that's what it is for me. I want no part of music classification debate.


Anonymous said…
So how was "Stick It?" I've kind of been wanting to see it, due to my love of Sparky Palastri.

Also, the banner you made of SRK vogue-ing (or whatever that is) is hilarious!
JR said…
Beth, you should review the Dil Na Liya promo for Krrish. What about that hairstyle?

p.s the word verification letters for this post are pwjypunb. For a moment, I thought it said "punjab."

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