introducing my partner in crime

My friend Abby, who is the only person in town I can reliably count on for watching Bollywood with me, and who is going to the Saif/Preity/Akshay/Sushmita show with me on Friday, has started a blog. She's a vet student and is going to Uganda this summer to research monkey pox or something like that, something dangerous and important, and has promised to write about Bollywood too. She says her first post will be about the show, so next week check out her report at The Pox Diaries.

Abby is the inventor of the phrase "the non-shirt collection" to describe the contents of Shahrukh's wardrobe. She also summarizes the typical SRK character's M.O. as a quick-change combination of "sexy beast" (think gazebo in KKHH) and "tee hee" (think nonstop pranking in DDLJ). She's very funny.


Anonymous said…
hi beth,

i heart your blog - i often find myself nodding in agreement with your bolly assessments.

anyway, is this your first bollyshow? if so, here's what to expect (i went to the saif/preity/akshay show in LA a couple of weeks ago):

--it will start at least an hour to an hour and half late, so don't rush to the auditorium.

--the emcee (who you never see) is really cheesy and melodramatic

--there will be at least a minimum of THREE different introductions for each act

--hopefully saif will be able to dance (he had an appendicitis surgery a few days before the LA show and couldn't dance, thus affecting preity's routines as well)

--celina jaitley barely moves and was really annoying, giving one the impression that she felt her mere appearance was enough to win over the audience

--saif is so cute in person, and so is preity!

--akshay will be shirtless half of the show (take from that what you will)

--the background dancers are really good

--sushmita is the most personable and audience-friendly

okay, i'm sure that's a lot to chew on. as you can probably tell, i'm caffeinated :) anyway, the show is a trip. i told my friend that it was overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time, which i believe makes sense in a bolly context, know what i mean?

my major gripe about these shows is that you can't stand up and DANCE! well, you CAN, but since it's a mixed age group some people just want to sit and watch and you don't really want to block them :)

regardless, HAVE FUN and i look forward to reading about your experience!


p.s. some of the above may change depending on how much they've modified the show since la...they were supposed to have a storyline throughout the show but they threw that out b/c of saif's surgery. maybe they'll throw it back in again.
JR said…
Envious. We were going to go, but then thought about a) ticket prices (save money for India or go up to Chicago for the show...India won); b) age (too damn old to stay up past midnight); and c) weren't really sure what we'd be getting ourselves in to. Looking forward to hearing your report. I can't believe I passed up a chance to see Preity in person.

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