Akele Hum Akele Tum

[sighing-type noise] Browsing the shelves of the video store, I came across this and picked it up simply because I remembered Aamir was in it. And so I found myself in a bad case of wrong movie, wrong time. When you're feeling confused and sad about relationships, don't watch a movie like this; if you're like me (and I think you might be, a little bit, since you enjoy Bollywood-type depictions of emotions), the sadness and hurt of these people are going to get to you in a way you wish they wouldn't, even though the story bears absolutely no resemblance to your actual situation.

This seemed a well-acted film; I appreciated its moments of humor; I squealed with delight when I could hear the Beatles in the background of the birthday party (Beatles and Aamir, all in one scene? What else could I ever want?); the little boy was the least annoying film child I've encountered in a long time; I was pleased that I couldn't completely write off either of the adults, despite their questionable choices, showing a more nuanced situation than we usually get in Bollywood. And that's maybe why it was difficult for me to watch - it's the subtle and complex parts of life that stay with you longest, that are the hardest to find your way in. That mean the most.

Aside to costume person: Aamir rocked the undershirt-as-shirt thing. (No, I won't call it by its more common and completely vile name.) Somehow it added to the rumpled, tired, devoted thing. The OC is ten years late on that.


t-HYPE said…
Beth, there's nothing wrong with Aamir wearing a "boy-beater". It's rather endearing.
I agree completely - he looked goooooood.

And you will appreciate that I watched a certain dance number from Lakshya not one, not two, but three times last night. Yum.
Obi Wan said…
Saw it ages ago in a theatre called Shiela in Delhi, bunked college to see the movie. Found it slightly too melodramatic for my taste. But brilliant music by Anu Malik. Btw, the boy was singer Udit Narayan's son Aditya Narayan.
Aparna said…
No, he wasn't...he was jsut the playback singer for the boy in the 'Oh I love you daddy' song.
shikhar said…
remake of KRAMER V/S KRAMER which i have seen 10 times atleast.

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