Which quotable quote should I use as the title for my post on Mr. India?

My favorite is "Mogambo is pleased," but that seems too easy.

Finally! Mr. India! I've been looking for this for awhile - by which I mean I kept re-checking the video store online catalog, hoping they purchased it - and was delighted to see it at the grocery store. The man who works there (whose name I really must learn, as I inkle he's going to feature prominently in my life for the next little while) approved of my choice and then told me to watch Black, which has been on my list for ages but I never feel quite up to it. Anyway. Last fall I met someone who said she used to think Anil Kapoor was the dreamiest, and something in this movie made me see that, I think when he was romping around with Sridevi on the beach. He often looks like he enjoys being in movies, and that's hard to resist.

This movie wins the award for "masala-iest" of the 72 movies I've seen (yes, I have a spreadsheet). I can't think of a Bollywood component that didn't show up at least momentarily here. I usually like my masala slanted heavily towards comedy and romance, but this one was still plenty entertaining. Plus it was one of those movies of which I get the impression I need to watch in order to really know Hindi cinema. My education continues.

And Mogambo. What is there to say about Mogambo that hasn't already been said? I liked everything about him. Blonde hair with slicked-down curly bit on the forehead. Boots. Logo. Light-up throne complete with light-up globes on which he drummed his fingers and smacked India with each tap. Firecrackery missiles. Ego as fatal weakness. Quotes like "Use this money to destroy and other things."

Aside to whomever cast the little kids: really good job. I usually have little patience for movie children, but I really liked them, even when things looked like they were going to veer toward mawkish.


Obi Wan said…
Mogambo is as cult as cult villains can get! Great that you were able to catch Mr. India. Hope you noticed that the director was a certain Mr. Shekhar Kapoor!
delhidreams said…
have u seen quayamat se quayamat tak???
Keith said…
I should have this showing up from Netflix this week, and I'm excited. Mr. India seems like one f those films, like you say, that must be seen. To do otherwise would render one's overall experience incomplete, like not seeing Sholay or Mother India (which I've skipped, actually, mostly because I hear it doesn't have dayglo villains, kungfu, or a pipe-smoking chimp in a sequined fez -- and I do have my standards).
Unknown said…
I agree with Obi Wan, Mogambo was seriously a cult super villan.

"Mogambo KHUSH Huwa"
Obi Wan: That is mindblowing yaar! I cannot believe it. Woah.

Adi: not yet, but it's on my list.

Keith: You will luuurve it. And it will luuurve you right back.

Akshay: yes indeed. So good I made three co-workers watch Mogambo's first scene. They loved it. And all of them went "Ohhhhh!" when I pointed out who Amrish Puri is.
Mr. India is one of my favourite movies! All because of those gadgets! I also loved the way the movie was executed! An adventure children's movie with a splash of romance, action, drama and fun! 3 cheers for Shekar Kapoor, Anil Kapoor and the kids! And Sridevi too who earned her sexy image thanks to her "Kaante nahi katey yeh din yeh raat" song.

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