L'amour est l'amitié?

Quelquechose se passe dans mon coeur. Because I am a humongous nerd, I decided to watch a bit of KKHH with the French subtitles tonight, French being the only other language I know even remotely well enough to follow at subtitle speed. It's trippy to have three languages bouncing around in my head, since I've remembered a handful of the Hindi here by now, and sometimes I have to run the French back into English before I truly recognize it anyway. Their trip to Scotland is made even more scenic, Anjali's tears even more poignant, Rahul's lines even sparkier by the accent marks.

Quelquechose s'est passé.


illusory motion said…
I know you're a big Bollywood fan but if you're looking for something different, here are some suggestions for alternative Bollywood, our indie industry so as to speak(if you haven't checked them out already):
Bombay Boys, Hyderabad Blues, Jhankaar Beats, Iqbal, Mr&Mrs.Iyer and if you can get a hold of this banned film :Black Friday. Also check out the new release Being Cyrus with Saif Ali Khan.
Anonymous said…
Yes, KKHH is one of my all time favs too.

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