Beth Loves Seth?

I don't know what is going on in my head, but somehow over the last few days I am finding the wisdom and solace that I ususally rely on Bollywood for in...the OC. I am midway through season two and more addicted than ever. As a long-time 90210 junkie it is really no surprise this show has grabbed me, but it's got an extra little sarcastic edge that does me in. The bad kid loves Journey. The good kid requires a social-life strategy session before school each day. The girl we hate to love watches a show called the Valley that, when snippets are heard in the background, quotes her lines from previous episodes. Plus, you know, making fun of Peter Gallagher's eyebrows.

Quotable lines from this binge include "You're the bad boy. You're supposed to lead me into temptation, not to homeroom" and, about a deep and difficult problem that is different from others previously borne, "It's different.... Different as in not fixed by pancakes. And don't ask me how I feel about waffles." Ryan, my man, I can never be attracted to you because 1) you're fictional, 2) you're a bad boy, 3) you look eerily like one of my close friends, and 4) my heart belongs to Seth, but you are speaking my language here. Pass the syrup.


Hey Beth, I was a 91210 junkie too! Of late, I caught one of its reruns on TV and relived old times!

Haven't seen The OC yet. Though it is running here.
Right on, my friend! It was in repeats here a few years ago and I watched it for 3 hours every Sunday morning, religiously. The OC is a little more dramatic and involves the adult characters more, but it's definitely got some self-referential and more biting humor going on. Definitely watchable, although I am told by trusted sources thath its quality tanks in the third (current) season.

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