smashing debut

Okay. The people have spoken. And hopefully not covered their ears. The clip is really short because I couldn't compress it in a way that didn't make me sound like a robot. (It's still about 2 MB, just to warn you - and is aiff-C.)

But you know what? That was really fun. I really needed to do something fun today, something creative, something that amused somebody, somewhere, at least a little. Someday when we have our Bollybloggers meetup, we can all take turns at the mic.


Anonymous said…
Vah, vah! I thought that was quite nice!
Obi Wan said…
Bravo Bravo! Excellent performance, at least the parts that I could listen to, since it was getting cut again and again! Pls suggest a way of listening to a smoothy telecast of the song.

This is indeed a Big Day in the history of Bollywood! Congratulations Beth! I'm extremely happy :-)
Anonymous said…
more, more, more, we want more :)
I'm telling you guys - international bollyblogger meetup with karaoke! This summer! Let's do it!

And what if _I_ want to hear _you_ sing? Or am I the only ladki deewani enough for that?
Anonymous said…
Kudos to your singing. Incidentally there is another "la fille americanne" who sings in Hindi too. Have a look at her singing category and here's one of her offerings.[download link]

Beth! Heyyyyy! That was amazing! Ytour pronouncation is impeccable! Wow! I am impressed! Really impressed! And we WILL have that international Bollybloggers meet soon! I'm all for it!
Anonymous said…
Beth, that was really good! You sing very well and your pronounciation is very close to the original!

Now how about the video?


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