Seriously, I love Bollywood. See?

Woah. Thanks to SnapShirts, I have a new concept of what I talk about - apparently Bollywood, movies, good, people, and thinking. Notice that Khan is in there. That's pretty funny.


Obi Wan said…
' beth better big bollywood boy...'. Interesting :-)
Ooooh! Definitely. If I can be creative with punctuation, I can also get:
Akshaye, arms aside!
Librarian life? Like, little love.
SRK star
watching words

I am also pleased to see that "shirts" made the cut.

It's funny how not all of the things I think a lot about when I write have ended up in the cloud - only the ones I actually write out. Which is obvious, but I hadn't thought about that before.

And I think the cloud only does what's currently up, not the archives - otherwise KKHH would be there, as would Mujhse Dosti Karoge. I should go run the thing again with different archived pages and see what happens.
Hey, I tried it out! It's so cool!
Okay, I couldn't resist it. I made my own word cloud!

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