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If you haven't had enough of me singing, you can now hear me talking. Today I was interviewed by Kamla Bhatt on Talk News India and you can listen to the podcast. Many, many thanks to Kamla for including me in her really interesting websites and for all the fun conversations that went into setting this up.


Obi Wan said…
Just listened to the complete interview. Bollywood definitely needs more ambassadors like you, spreading its delight across the world. Carry on Beth, is all I can say!
Anonymous said…
next time on tv?
Thanks, international fellas! And the same goes to you both - clearly advancing the cause!
Nick said…
Neat blog. My buddy Akshay in Mumbai pointed me towards the podcast. I enjoy Bollywood movies, too!
-- Nick from Atlanta
karmic said…
Neat interview. I am what you would call a Naturalized American of Indian origin. Been in this country for more than a dozen years. I have for whatever never quite been in to Bollywood, despite being born and brought up in Bombay. It's not as if I haven't seen Hindi/Bollywood (seen a lot of the classics and independent Indian cinema)movies, But for some reason the fascination for it has gone over time. I do find them a bit too melodramatic and over the top, nonetheless they serve as a window in to the mosaic that is India (with its vast variety of cultures,languages,religions and traditions). I am reminded how amazing India is every time I visit. I heard you want to visit, and I recommend it to. India will hit you in the gut. It will enthrall, seduce, repulse you and a lot more at the same time. It is nonetheless something to experience.
PS: This is not an anti-Bollywood rant, by any means. Just that it's how every one experiences thing differently. More power to ya Beth and may you experience the smorgasbord that is Bollywood to it's fullest. :-)
I listened to the entire podcast. Wow! You are famous, Beth! I agree with Kamla you pronounce really well. Congrats! I see a read carpetted future with fame and fortune walking with you! :)
Thank you all so much for the positive comments. As much as Kamla tried to reassure me, I was worried about sounding like a real idiot - and that listeners would think that I thought I was an expert, which I definitely don't!

And AFJ, if that red carpet leads to India, I'm all for it! Not really - I'm a behind-the-scenes kind of gal. But Akshaye lurks around behind the scenes, right?
komalselva said…
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