if you can't say anything nice...: Dil Ka Rishta

"Dayya Dayya Dayya Re" was darn catchy, and it contains the excellent line "With your name on my lips, I spend my days. I spend my nights pining. I remember every moment the naughty things you did." The fortune teller from Lagaan makes an enjoyable, Bollywood-studded cameo. And there are only a few moments of wacky side characters.

That's it.

There isn't much else of note here. It's not the worst movie I've seen, but there isn't anything to like about it particularly, and it isn't so bad that I have to rant and rave, and it isn't even intriguingly or enjoyably bad. There really isn't any point to watch it.

I generally like Aishwarya very much, but Tia didn't give her much to work with. And Arjun...well, he was boring. Paresh Rawal was by far the most enjoyable person in the movie. While I hadn't been led to expect much from this movie, I lost my patience towards the end, when Jai raises his hand to Tia and we never see him lower it, even after she flees the room. No. Not acceptable.

And, of course, the plot. The plot was pretty stupid, if not uniquely so (but think how much better this same idea was handled in Goodbye Lenin!), and I'm going to have to class it with Chori Chori Chupke Chupke under plots driven by bad, bad ideas. Gorilla's Lament pointed out that both have women in cowboy hats in them, and I think GL might really be on to something here. Observations by others on the correlation of these phenomena are very welcome.


Obi Wan said…
Beth, if you keep watching such stupid movies, I'm scared you might lose all interest in Bollywood, and that won't be acceptable at all :-)

You are completely right about the movie. Arjun Rampal is the most boring actor we have (many women will disagree, cos he's so good looking, bu8t boring is boring)! And Aishwarya Rai, I am sure, will like to forget this movie like a bad dream. Btw, did you know that this movie was Ash's home production(I think her mother or brother)? I would've thought her family loved her but...:-)
Ahh! I remember Dil ka rishta. Didn't get the convoluted plot though. I do remember one visual from a song where Aishwarya and Arjun Rampal wore clothes in brown leather? Could have been suede too. That's all. To be honest, I couldn't sit through it.
You are both right. It is not worth watching. I don't find Arjun attractive in any way - he's too boring! That will trump anything. Plus his voice is weird.

AFJ, I'm not sure about the scene you remember - it's entirely likely that I have already fogotten it too.
Obi Wan said…
It was brown suede I think. And the song was the infamous 'daiyya daiyya daiyya re...', or the irritating 'Saajan Saajan' in a nasal twang!
I think it was "Saajan Saajan" because in the other one, Arjun is in the audience gazing at her with a dopey expression, if you can call it that, on his face.
*~mad munky~* said…
i feel i have a duty to step in here and defend arjun *defends arjun*

there ya go....

(yes, alright...not exactly the most charismatic but i think he brushes up quite well)

mm - That he does! He does not float my boat, personally, but I understand the appeal. I also liked him more in Don, and I've heard he's quite good in some other things, so who knows, maybe he'll grow on me.

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