lunchtime poll #2: Bollywood and your emotional self

Alright, even though the last time I posed a poll question the results were few, I'm going to try again, because I'm very curious.

Here's the question*: as Bollywood watchers, do you feel that Bollywood - its conventions, devices, vocabulary, and/or the behaviors of characters - affects the way you consider, manager, and/or respond to your own emotions?

I think the easiest example of what I'm talking about is how you deal with other people - you find yourself giving into the temptation to overromanticize things, to view interpersonal relationships as either a true match or a true evil, to make things bigger and simpler than they really are, to find big meaning in actions or words that are really more nuanced and more contextualized than they are sweeping. Or, just more broadly, you think that life will work the way it does in Bollywood.

In other words - do you find yourself wearing Bollywood-colored glasses? My answer, pretty obviously, is "heck yeah!"

* Apologies to the few people I've already emailed the poll question to individually. Your responses inspired me to open up the survey!


Obi Wan said…
Koi Shaque???(Any doubts)! which, by the way, is a famous Mithunda dialogue from J.P. Dutta's 'Ghulami'! I rest my case!
Obi Wan - I need more description and examples! : )
You, of course, are so affected by Bollywood that you have a job in it!
Of course! I agree with Obi Wan! I do tend to over romanticise things thanks to my exposure to Bollywood. You asked for examples? Let me see. I can't pick 1 or 2 or 3 examples, but it kind of pervades the way I react to everything.

And then, there are total clichés that I indulge in totally aware that it is a cliché. For example: If someone asks me something and the answer is no. I do a fake Hindi film "Naheeeee!" This is done by touching your right wrist to your forehead and twisting the upper part of your body to the right. Of course an expression of utter and serious helplessness does also goes with the gesture.
Obi Wan said…
Actually, its "Naheeee..., Keh do yeh jhooth hai..."(Nooooo, pls say it's not true!)!!! And AFJ, the funny thing is, I too indulge in this a lot :-)
Beth, let me think of some other examples. "Bahut naainsaafi hai"(its a grave injustice) from Sholay is another dialogue I commonly use. Another favorite- "Sab theek ho jaayega, main hoon na!(Everything will be ok, I'm there)! Whenever anyone says "It's all about...), I counter it with "It's all about loving your parents" (K3G's promotional campaign)And finally, the clincher: For the last 6-8 months, ever since I've seen Waqt-The Race Against Time, whenever anyone starts saying "Do me a favor..." I automatically go "...let's play Holi" in tune, in Anu Malik's voice!!! Need I say more?
You guys! These are wonderful! I am very jealous that I have to rely on subtitles and can very rarely actually quote movies as they are meant to be quoted! But AFJ, I can picture the "Naheeeee!" you mean perfectly. I'm going to try it out today - I'm just waiting for the opportunity. And Obi Wan, you are quite right to use any version of "main hoon na" and the line from K3G (which has never made sense to me, as I don't think that really sums at that movie well).

My only problem is all but one of my friends here will have no idea what I'm doing if I start quoting more Bollywood. Although I have already adopted Lucky's "Avoid!" from Main Hoon Na.

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