completely unrelated, but - tag!

Rock and roll lifestyle has tagged me to do the nine quartets thingy, but since she put hers on her non-Bollywood blog, I will too. So here it is. It's even less Bollywoody than the last tag I did.

Oh! I have great news! Rang De Basanti is showing at our art theater in February! I was so afraid they weren't going to do any more Indian movies - they hadn't since October - but it looks like the series is back in full force. I'm going to start taking a bit magic marker to the calendar to cross off the days. It's that exciting.


I am looking forward to Rang de Basanti too!! :)
And I'm starting on the tag now!
Obi Wan said…
Congrats, you will soon be getting an opportunity to see one of the most impactful movies in recent times!

As for the tag, will obviously do it, will let you know once I've completed it!

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