I heart Hum Tum

Under the pressures of a cold. Will just say this for now: has catapulted its way over all the SRK have seen into my top three favorites (others being, in no particular order, Dil Chahta Hai and Kandoukondain Kandoukondain [just because cannot spell it does not mean do not love it]). Is the most delightful movie have seen, in any language, in looooooooong time. Has captured the very essence of what is good about When Harry Met Sally, added some (but not enough) dancing and tunes, just the right amount of steaminess, a completely compelling and believeable pairing of Rani and Saif - et voilĂ ! Magic.

Is v g partly because personally support and try to adhere to most of its philosophies, such as
Hug every moment. Get life's feel.
Many relationships fall apart because people can't express themselves...they can't talk their hearts out. If you've got something to tell someone...just go ahead and say it. Don't wait...it might be too late.
Have carried out several relationships with this theory and, while not, it turns out, a g operating principle for most of the relationships in question, is how I really feel and what I really think is the right thing to do and way to be, so doing it felt true even if it didn't have the effect hoped for. And if he couldn't handle it, well, that just means he wasn't right for me, doesn't it? Love double sense of "talk their hearts out" - talking long and meaningfully, but also showing the other person what's inside. Really do love that and think is, at least for me, the right way to go about life.

Also found (cartoon) Hum's line "You girls are all so confused. Silly girls" quite evocative of how I feel most of the time, especially about Hums in real life.

This movie made me love love again. Most inconvenient, as Bollywood love - song-teleporting-to-Switzerland love - is so hard to come by and so hard to predict. And after Bollywood, cannot fathom settling for anything less.


Trivia fact: Hum Tum was released on my 30th birthday. Quelle coincidence merveilleuse, n'est-ce pas?


crazyhorse said…

Did you catch the Bobby references?

Rishi Kapoor singing "Main Shayar to Nahin" at the Paris airport?

When Rishi first meets Kiron Kher, she says her nickname is Bobby. And he says, can I just call you Dimple?

I actually didn't, because I haven't seen Hum Tum since I watched Bobby - but I'll have my ears tuned for next time! (People had told me about them before I watched it, but because I hadn't seen Bobby, I didn't really know what I was looking for :) )

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