needed: proselytizing lessons

I'm trying desperately to get my friends to watch Bollywood with me, and so far I have gotten three interested, although only one of them lives in the same town I do. Behold my latest attempt, via email to get people to join me for Main Hoon Na on Friday night:

For your general amusement and insight into the kinds of movies I've been watching lately, let me tell you a little more about Friday's movie, specifically about the plot elements/devices and characters it contains.

[From a fake-pretend pop quiz about Bollywood]

Please circle the plot elements/devices and characters contained in the film Main Hoon Na, a 2004 film featuring India's biggest star, Shahrukh Khan:
a) issues of national security and international borders
b) under-cover military operatives
c) Matrix-style action sequences
d) stunts using wire work
e) bicycle-rickshaw chase of bad guys in car, with guns
f) dying father
g) heartbroken single mother
h) secret and otherwise unknown identities
i) family reconciliations
j) college life
k) sexy, dorky, beloved, and feared teachers and a dim-witted principal
l) cool and nerdy students, and the differences between them
m) teen romance
n) other romances among other ages of people
o) "Grease"-style carnival at the end of the school year
p) prom
q) makeovers - not 1, not 2, but 3
r) dancing
s) singing

In case you couldn't tell, if you circled T, you'd be correct.


MonkeyBit said…
sheet - I have a freakin' theatre near me & can't get ppl out to go except as what turns into an anthropological expedition for them and a queasy friendship moment for me.

At least I found this blog to hear what someone else thinks abt the films....
Hi monkeybit! I can definitely understand how the anthropological-seeming moments would be hard. I think it's important for people to try out Bollywood at their own pace, as much as I might want to rush them :) I hope you find some people who will watch more and more with you! What have you tried to get people to see? I think it can be so hard to choose the "right" movie for new watchers. There's a conversation about this topic over at

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