the most anticipated film of 2006

Bollyhoo has just developed the most brilliant of plans. I had asked her if she thought the supercomputer from Koi Mil Gaya could perhaps put me in touch with Akshaye Khanna instead of some blue aliens. She said
I think what you should do is write a kickass screenplay about a beautiful museum educator who falls in love with one of her colleagues, played by the dashing Akshaye Khanna. Then even if you don't succeed in getting the role of the museum educator due to your principled refusal to play ball with the mafia financiers and casting couch greaseballs, you can at least work as a consultant on the film. I guess there is always the risk that instead of hiring Akshaye Khanna for the role he was clearly born to play, the producers will insist on hiring a non-fake pretend movie boyfriend for the role, like (GASP!) Johnny Lever. So maybe inventing the PET supercomputer is the better option.

I love her.


Anonymous said…
Aw, I love you too! If only there were a rain-soaked garden I could dance around right now...

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