I already sensed it, somewhere deep in my heart, and now I really know it to be true: Shahrukh Khan can do anything.

[About an hour and a half into Main Hoon Na.... I'm stopping here because this movie is so incredibly great that I must share it with someone, so I'm waiting for the weekend when Abby can watch too.]

He is the biggest star in the biggest movie industry in the world, and he is amazing. He's bulletproof. He can fly. He can dance. He can chase terrorists on a bicycle rickshaw that's on fire. He can do the Matrix limbo move to avoid projectiles. He can lip sync while standing up on a moving ferris wheel. He can make a woman's hair blow in the breeze from fifty paces. (You may think Sushmita has this power on her own, but I know better. I've seen the effect too many times to be fooled.) He can burst into song so spontaneously and heartfelt that he cannot stop his own arms from rising into the "come here, my darling, I love you, while my wingspan indicates that our love encompasses the very Himalayas themselves" gesture. He can emote like... like... um, like all that and a can of Pepsi. I mean, he can even rock orange cargo pants and sweater vests - at separate times, mind you, he's only human.

I'd go on, except we need to discuss national might as depicted in popular film. Is it just me, or should the US, led by commander-in-chief Harrison Ford, and India, led by Naseeruddin Shah and SRK and their back-up boys here, combine forces and totally kick ass on the world stage? Plus, for good PR, we could add in the groovy television logo of India's flag and Pakistan's flag meeting under a globe with a big dove soaring over it. That is some kind of moving. Peace out, yo.

I hate to see Shahrukh sad. I am so glad he is on this mission to reunite his family. Plus he and Naseeruddin have equally strange noses (which I only notice as strange in NS, no longer in SRK), so that I am happy to buy that they're father and son. However, I love to see Shahrukh in a Burberry scarf. Numma. And so wound up over his love interest that he has to hide his head on his desk or just slump down with twitterpated, cheery overwhelmedness.

Aside to Indian tv studio: install metal detectors that studio guests must pass through. You and any public gathering place where that whole border mess is discussed, really. This whole thing could have been avoided.

Aside to boy playing Lucky: all those bandanas you wear act like a vise, squishing out what little is left up there. You might want to save your brainpower - I think you might have to help do something brave and heroic at the end of this or some other future movie.

Aside to girl playing Sanjana: you should always wash the outfits you borrow from Xtina before wearing. You don't know where they've been.


Anonymous said…
Hee hee.

[possible wardrobe spoilers ahead...]

To be honest, I don't really find SRK that attractive, but I was actually kind of digging him in the enormous tweed bellbottoms/sweater vest ensemble. I was a little sad when they gave him the makeover.
I was totally on board with the Lucky makeover, though. That boy's a doofus, but he cleans up nice.
Oh I know! Anytime they prep out a BW boy I am all for it. I find SRK attractive against all my better judgment, and it mainly has to do with me buying into him being such a superstar (which doesn't work on me for most US stars - like, Tom Cruise, gag me). When he's talking on DVD commentary or whatever, I find him interesting in terms of his opinion or whatnot, but not to look at. The man can crank up the charm. But given the choice between him and Akshaye Khanna, he is so outta there. Akshaye is my new "fake pretend movie boyfriend," as my friends and I say. And I seem to have zero fake pretend competition for him!

I am just reading through your Main Hoon Na summary and am on part 15. I'm a girl who loves to know what's going to happen, so I'm going to read before I finish the movie, which has to wait an agonizing two more days, so that I can watch it with my one friend who will do silly BW movies with me can watch it too. I called her last night in hysterics over the Sanju-shaking-her-ass dance scene and she made me promise to stop watching so we could see it together. Which I think is the right thing to do.
Angie said…
Thanks for the comment! I meet yet another Austen and Bollywood fan! Quite a treat! I haven't read BW Boy--haven't even heard of it. I'll see if I can find it.

About SRK. If I wasn't a Kajol fan I don't think I would like him. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the man.

I would love to see MHN again, though!
Anonymous said…
Yes, I think you made the right call re: waiting for your friend. I only wish I had a friend with whom I could regularly share moments like the Sanju-shaking-her-ass dance scene. (The only friend that I can get to watch these things lives halfway across the continent.)

My fake pretend movie boyfriend is Saif Ali Khan, but Akshaye has some cute moments in Dil Chahta Hai.
Any chance you live in the 217 area code, so we could watch together? Probably not.

Just to let you know in advance, to avoid any awkward situations, Saif Ali Khan is the fake pretend movie boyfriend of my one friend who will watch BW with me, so you have a little competition. She's in veterinary school though, so is pretty busy, so you could probably take her. I would be torn in loyalty, because although she is a dear friend and gets my current twitterpation with BW, you write the world's best plot summaries and are very nice and funny. I'll just do a good sidekick thing and stay out of it, shaking my thang with Akshaye. Whoever wins can totally double with us. 'Kay?
Anonymous said…
Oh no! Competition for my dear Saify? I guess I'll have to try to entice him away with some kind of Sanjana-style makeover/ass-wiggling reverie.

Sadly, I live in the 510 area code, so much as I would like to, I can't attend your MHN screening tomorrow. Have fun!
Figured. We'll have to watch a movie virtually together some day.

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