Bollywood Magic 8 Ball

I just read this book in which a character makes a Jane Austen Magic 8 ball - she takes one apart, takes out the little floating thingy, and puts Jane Austen quotes on its surfaces. I want to do the same kind of thing with Bollywood plot devices. So when you need advice, you can garner the wisdom that has worked so very, very well for SRK, Kajol, et al. Some sample ideas:
  • Run home to your mother, collapse at her feet, put your head in her lap, and do as she says, which is probably to listen to your heart.
  • Refuse to give the bastard the last mango lassi on the tray. That'll show 'im.
  • Flag down the first passing sports car you see, presuming it is driven by an attractive man wearing sunglasses. Hop in. Drive directly to nearest mountain range.
  • Challenge your oppressor to a game of cricket [or another game you don't know how to play] for absurdly high stakes.
  • Looking for love? Try your sibling's partner's sibling.
  • Pleather? Good.

    Update to post (June 2007): and I finally made one here!

    And, I would like to make a Bollywood plot generator for the online amusement of one and all. But I don't know how to do that. If anyone does, let me know. I can supply the content and you can do the techy stuff. Or it could be a choose-your-own-adventure type thing. Maybe I could make that, using a lot of links. Hmmm.... This is the stuff that the last three-day weekend of the year is made for.

    Unless someone has made one already. Which they should, because I'm quite certain it's a genius idea.I don't mean to copy. I just thought it would be funny.
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